new video “heading for the sun” (2005 version)

mighty alien recorded the first version of “heading for the sun” in 2005. bj nevenko produced the session – and just a couple of years later surprised us with this wonderful video for the song. enjoy the sound of 2005 and the picture of 2020. many thanks to the masterful bj nevenko.
video: bj nevenko
mighty alien: lead and harmony vocals, electric and acoustic guitars,
erich koller: keyboards
nevenko bucan: electric guitar, electronic sounds
produced by bj nevenko, 2005
mastered by steve kitch, 2005

interview about the “your inner light” album

the album your inner light was released in february, 2019. we sat down with mighty alien’s singer and guitarist roland lm reiter to talk about this limited cd release.

tell us a bit about your inner light. what is the story behind the album?

roland: the album contains some of the very first songs I wrote – quite a while ago! in the last few years I kept recording and re-recording these songs in between other projects. finally, I decided to compile them on an album and to put them out as a limited cd release.

you recorded the songs together with several musicians from around the world. how did that happen?

roland: yes, you are right – I got in touch with musicians from venezuela, serbia, italy, the u.s., and south africa. after several years of working by myself, it was refreshing to play with other musicians. and they were all fantastic. for example, I really love the brass arrangement for “make every day a great day”. that arrangement was recorded in venezuela – and it has such an uplifting effect. in fact, I loved working with other musicians so much that we have formed a new band called The Claytons. the group features musicians from around the world. we’ll let you know more about that project soon!

new album “your inner light”

your inner light, mighty alien’s new album, was released on february 14, 2019!

the album was published as a limited 2-cd-edition containing 20 tracks.



  1. to live in seclusion
  2. morning disaster
  3. attic plant
  4. reflections
  5. a perfect day
  6. waves of jealousy
  7. this girl has got me crying
  8. reflections (reprise)
  9. your inner light
  10. make every day a great day
  11. endless fight
  12. so wonderful
  13. nothing on my mind


  1. of time and stars
  2. friend at hand
  3. here she goes again
  4. your inner light (alternative drum mix)
  5. waves of jealousy (jazzy mix)
  6. morning disaster (alternative drum mix)
  7. waves of jealousy (alternative drum mix)

musicians: roland lm reiter, hubert reiter, glenn welman, hector suarez, francisco grillo, alexis perez, pedro alayón, freddy para, maurizio antonini, damjan “stryfer” kapor

mixed & produced by roland lm reiter

mastered by steve kitch

“rooftop session”: the story behind the artwork

we asked mighty alien about the artwork of the upcoming single “rooftop session”:

what is the story behind the artwork? 

mighty alien: basically, the artwork reflects a scene in the song. “rooftop session” is a song about a girl called candy who has “got a friend who’s a singer in the band”. the first part of the song describes the development of a band – which ends up playing on a roof – and candy’s reaction to it: “candy says it sounds all right.” when we saw aleshyn andrei’s photograph of the girl on the roof, we thought it was perfect for the cover artwork. you can imagine that the girl is listening to a band, watching them on the roof.

can you tell us more about the song itself?

mighty alien: “rooftop session” is a rockin’ little tune that will hopefully cheer listeners up! it is really a fun song, i think.

“rooftop session”: photo by aleshyn andrei, under a creative commons attribution / design by roland lm reiter

mighty alien: in the studio

some exciting news has just reached us: mighty alien has recorded 22 new songs!

a new studio album will be released in early 2019. in addition, several single tracks will be released.

the album will consist of at least 12 songs – containing the tracks “your inner light”, “learn our lessons” and “rooftop session”.

stay tuned for more details about the recording sessions and the forthcoming releases.

have a great day!