interview about the “your inner light” album

the album your inner light was released in february, 2019. we sat down with mighty alien’s singer and guitarist roland lm reiter to talk about this limited cd release.

tell us a bit about your inner light. what is the story behind the album?

roland: the album contains some of the very first songs I wrote – quite a while ago! in the last few years I kept recording and re-recording these songs in between other projects. finally, I decided to compile them on an album and to put them out as a limited cd release.

you recorded the songs together with several musicians from around the world. how did that happen?

roland: yes, you are right – I got in touch with musicians from venezuela, serbia, italy, the u.s., and south africa. after several years of working by myself, it was refreshing to play with other musicians. and they were all fantastic. for example, I really love the brass arrangement for “make every day a great day”. that arrangement was recorded in venezuela – and it has such an uplifting effect. in fact, I loved working with other musicians so much that the next mighty alien project will be an album featuring many musicians – and also vocalists – from around the world.

so there is another album due in 2019?

roland: absolutely! the next one will be a worldwide digital album release. most of the songs have already been recorded. we are already working on the videos – and hope to release album & videos in july/august, 2019. we’ll let you know!