new album “your inner light”

your inner light, mighty alien’s new album, was released on february 14, 2019!

the album was published as a limited 2-cd-edition containing 20 tracks.



  1. to live in seclusion
  2. morning disaster
  3. attic plant
  4. reflections
  5. a perfect day
  6. waves of jealousy
  7. this girl has got me crying
  8. reflections (reprise)
  9. your inner light
  10. make every day a great day
  11. endless fight
  12. so wonderful
  13. nothing on my mind


  1. of time and stars
  2. friend at hand
  3. here she goes again
  4. your inner light (alternative drum mix)
  5. waves of jealousy (jazzy mix)
  6. morning disaster (alternative drum mix)
  7. waves of jealousy (alternative drum mix)

musicians: roland lm reiter, hubert reiter, glenn welman, hector suarez, francisco grillo, alexis perez, pedro alayón, freddy para, maurizio antonini, damjan “stryfer” kapor

mixed & produced by roland lm reiter

mastered by steve kitch

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